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Global Staff Application FAQ [2017 Update]

Discussion in 'New Player Guides' started by Silvernub, May 8, 2017.

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    Trial Moderator Application - Frequently Asked Questions

    This thread aims to answer any questions you have about our staff application and our application process. If you're looking for tips about writing your application, have a look at this guide instead. Our staff application has recently undergone some changes, and I thought it'd be beneficial to make updated guides to make sure you receive the most relevant information.

    All applications are read and voted on by our applications team. The applications team consists of about half the current staff members. Applications are not considered "processed" until they have received at least 5 votes from application team members.

    | What is a Trial Moderator?
    Trial Moderators serve as an introduction to being staff. The job of a T.Mod is to assist players by answering questions, explaining how to use the server, and acting as a rule enforcer. The trial period is two weeks long, plus some processing time for the report.

    Trial Moderators are expected to become familiar with every server on our network - this includes rules, commands, and how the gamemodes work. T.Mods are the front of our support line!

    After they are accepted, they go through a training that outlines everything they need to know to succeed. After that, they are given their permissions and then have to prove they are capable of being staff by applying what they learned. Once the two weeks are up, T.Mods have to write a report, which summarizes their experiences during the two weeks and outlines any improvements they have made. It's similar to the T.Mod application, but much more specific and important. The report, as well as your performance, is what determines whether you will achieve Moderator!
    | What are the requirements to apply for T.Mod?
    There are four main requirements you need to meet in order to apply. There are no exceptions made to these rules:
    1. You must be 13 or older.
    2. You must have a Discord account.
    3. You must have a screen recorder.
    4. You have been actively playing on Paradise for 2 weeks or longer
    Click here for an explanation of these requirements.

    Things that are highly recommended:

    1. Have a working microphone.
    2. Understand the rules.
    3. Good, friendly behavior in game.
    4. No outstanding punishments in the past few months (bans, mutes, excessive kicks).
    5. A detailed application.
    If your application is extremely short, you don't meet all of the requirements, or if you lie at any point in your application, you will be denied immediately after your application has been processed.
    | How do I apply for T.Mod?
    You can apply by clicking the "Apply" tab at the top of the website, and then clicking "Trial Moderator" from the applications list.
    | How do I apply for Moderator or Admin?
    You cannot apply directly for Moderator or Admin+. All members of staff begin as Trial Moderators, and Moderators are selected from our pool of T.Mods.
    | What happens after I submit an application?
    After your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by members of the applications team. Once it has at least 5 decisive votes, it will be considered "processed." When your application is processed, you will receive an automatic notification stating whether it has been accepted or denied. You may be contacted by Silvernub within the next day with further information, if deemed necessary.
    Note: Most applications get 5-10 votes before being marked as "processed."

    If you get accepted, you'll get some information in the acceptance message on your application. Read it! You will be asked to add the leader of the Trial Moderator Orientation Team on Discord, and they will assign your mentor and add you to the necessary group chats. Your mentor will then train you - this process takes about 20-30 minutes. After your training, you will receive the T.Mod tag in game as well as your permissions.
    | I submitted my application but I haven't received a reply?
    Please be patient while waiting for a reply. Patience is an important trait of staff members, and repeatedly showing your impatience by asking staff to check your application makes you less likely to be accepted. Most applications are processed within a week.
    | If I apply and get denied, when can I reapply?
    You will be told in your denial message when you can reapply - this is usually 2 weeks after the date your previous application was denied. Please note if you apply before then, you will be instantly denied and made to wait an additional 2 weeks.
    | Does it matter how many times I have applied and been denied?
    No, you are free to apply as many times as you'd like. However, if you have submitted a significant amount of applications and still seem not to be getting anywhere, we would recommend taking time to completely re-evaluate your application and your behavior and try to change it up in line with our advice and rules.
    | I have submitted so many applications and I keep getting the same response. What should I do?
    We are always open to people asking us further questions. However, sometimes we find that people are so angry about a copy and paste message that they are blinded to the fact that it tells them exactly what needs to be changed/improved to make us look upon them more favorably.

    It is beneficial to be self-aware of your skills and experiences and how they fit with a staff role. It is not our job to spoon-feed you the answers to your application. They are supposed to be a reflection of your skills, your passion, your personality and most importantly a demonstration of why you are capable of taking on the Trial Moderator role.

    If you are still receiving the same message, then it is because it is still relevant to you. Consider re-reading your application and adopting the mindset of "If I didn't know myself, would this application be sufficient to show that I have the skill sets to be a T.Mod?"

    Please note that raging at us in a personal message will push you further away from a staff position, as it shows your inability to take feedback and criticism well.
    | How much "detail" am I supposed to include in my application?
    What you choose to tell us is entirely up to you. We want you to tell us what things mean to you, and why they are important for us to know when considering you for staff. Tell us what you have learned from experiences of leadership in your life, what skills were needed, and how you overcame difficulties.

    The biggest thing we want to know is why you wrote the things you did. A lot of times, players say things but don't tell us why they're important for us to know. Why does this prove you will make a good Trial Moderator?
    | I have been banned/muted before, will that hurt my chances of becoming T.Mod?
    Your reputation on the server will have an impact on your application - this includes all previous infractions and punishments. Trial Moderators are a position of authority, and those with more of a negative reputation tend to struggle more due to the backlash they receive. We don't instantly deny people for having previous offenses if they are honest about them and can prove they have matured since then. We background check all applicants!
    | Do I need to be active on the forums to apply?
    No, forums activity isn't required to be staff. However, it certainly helps. All staff are required to be at least somewhat active on the forums - it's a place to assist the players with issues and respond to ideas and suggestions. Being active on the forums increases your reputation on the server as a whole. Being a well-known, well-behaved player significantly increases your chances of being accepted.
    | Will I get paid?
    No, being staff on PMC is entirely voluntary.
    | Why is this FAQ locked? What if I have a question that isn't on here?
    This thread is locked because we believe the majority of questions have been answered here. If you have a question that isn't on this thread, then please message Manager privately. Find them by going to the members section of the forums and then selecting staff!
    | Do you have any tips for applying?
    All useful advice for applying has been compiled into this separate thread.
    Note: Questions, and some answers, in this guide have been summarized from a different guide not created by PMC.
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    Explanation of Requirements
    | You must be at least 13 years old.
    Applicants below this age tend to be less mature and less emotionally and mentally developed. This can lead to issues with adjusting to the Trial Moderator role and dealing with certain situations that may arise.

    Note: If you do not meet this requirement, it is possible that you can still be accepted, provided you meet all of the other requirements and recommendations. However, it is less likely.
    | You must have a Discord account.
    Discord is our main platform of communication among staff members. Without it, you would miss out on 99% of updates and important information.
    | You must have a screen recorder.
    All staff are required to provide evidence before any player is banned. Video evidence is required for hackers and other forms of rule breaking - not being able to provide this means the ban would be a false ban, and the offending player would have to be unbanned.
    | Actively playing on Paradise for 2 weeks or more.
    We require you have been actively playing for this length of time so that you have a general understanding of our network, its rules, and its community. "Actively playing" means you have been active for at least the past two weeks before applying - it does not mean your overall playtime on the server.

    These requirements are subject to change.
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