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Rules Update!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Katniss, Sep 18, 2017.

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  1. Katniss

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    Sep 19, 2016
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    Hello fellow PMC players <3

    This is an announcement informing all of you that we have an addition to our network rules.

    As many of you have witnessed, we have a growing amount of negativity swarming the threads of our website. The posts/comments range from attacks to fellow members and staff, hate speech, disrespect, and down right rude/insulting content. This has been a growing issue here for some time now and past staff have been unsure of how to implement something to help with this issue.

    As of now, in our rules which you can find in the tabs, there is a new rule under the website rules & guidelines section, under number 9. This rule is as follows.

    9. Please refrain from negative comments and posts on the website.
    1. Stating an opinion is fine, however, if a comment/post attacks a member/staff of the community of PMC, your content will be removed. This includes posts that negatively portray the server, insults, derrogatory language, hate speech, and disrespect.
    2. Making such posts fall under a zero tolerance rule and will result in your account being unable to post new content.
    If you are someone who has been stripped of permissions, you may appeal as you would regularly appeal for a ban. You will have three warnings regarding negative/toxic content before having your permissions removed from our site. With that said, I urge arguments/personal disputes to be taken to private messages if one so chooses to say something of this manner to another person.

    At ParadiseMC we want a positive atmosphere with as much unnecessary negativity removed. We understand that the community critiques the network from time to time however when critiquing make sure that you critique constructively and respectfully.
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