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Global Constructing Your Staff Application

Discussion in 'New Player Guides' started by Silvernub, May 8, 2017.

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    Trial Moderator Application - Tips & General Advice
    This thread contains tips and advice for constructing your staff application.

    If you have general questions, please see the application FAQ thread.

    | What do you look for in an application?
    Your application is supposed to show us that you are capable of taking on the role of Trial Moderator. The applications that we love to read are those that show uniqueness and personality, and those that clearly use their experiences and personal skill sets to indicate why they are a good choice for our staff team.
    | Make sure you explain any statements you make and how they relate to the role you are applying for.
    "I was staff on x server" - okay, but why do we need to know that? What did you learn/do there that would help you as a T.Mod here?
    "I am patient and helpful" - okay, but how? Why would that be beneficial for you as staff on our network?

    I think you can see what I'm getting at here. Explanations are extremely important! Tell us why what you say is important, why we should care about it, and why/how it makes you an appropriate choice for staff. Ensure you follow your statements with an explanation as to why that is important for us to know. Give some examples to show that you have developed useful skills.

    Generally, very short applications don't provide us with a good explanation of who you are and why we should choose you. Expand the text boxes when you type your answers! There's plenty of space hiding in there. :)
    | Make your application unique to you.
    Your application is supposed to be a reflection of who you are. There have been over 7,000 applications submitted on ParadiseMC, and the vast majority of them are very similar. We know that you all have skills, experiences, and personal traits that make you unique, and we want to see those reflected in your application. Read through your answers and ask yourself if they are an accurate description of you and your abilities. If the answer is no, consider going back and adding additional information and your own individual thoughts.

    Secondly, a lot of people entirely disregard the "Do you have anything else to add?" question on the application. Most people just say "no," or thank us for the opportunity. While that's fine, you can also use this space to tell us anything else you think might give us a better indication of who you are.

    Note: Being a donor does not make you more likely to be accepted than someone who has not spent a penny on PMC.
    | Be honest in your application.
    It is obvious to us when you write things you think we want to hear, but are not an accurate representation of yourself. Don't focus so much on trying to say the right thing - instead, focus on your passion for being a part of the staff team, and that will help show your potential.

    Additionally, it is obvious when you copy and paste an application from the internet. It isn't worth your time, and will stop you from ever being accepted on our network.

    Remember, we background-check all applicants, so trying to hide your previous infractions will instead put you in a more negative light. If you've been punished in the past, admit it! Show us that you have learned from your past mistakes, and that you're mature enough to handle the position now.
    | Make sure your application is presented well.
    Try to avoid excessive use of smilies and formatted text. It makes your application look a lot less professional.

    Make sure you check the spelling and grammar of your application before you submit it. We understand that English isn't everyone's first language, but please try to make your sentences make sense. Our server is mostly English-speaking players, and being able to communicate effectively in the language is necessary.
    Note: Some points in this guide have been summarized from a different guide not created by PMC.
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