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| Overview & Disclaimer

The rules listed here apply to any official server or discussion area owned by ParadiseMC. It is up to the discretion of the ParadiseMC staff team to decide how strictly rules will be enforced and how severe punishments will be. Attempting to exploit loopholes within the rules, or giving excuses to staff members is not allowed and doing so may lead to more severe punishment. If any of the rules are unclear to you, make sure to contact a staff member for further clarification.

The staff of ParadiseMC reserve the right to add, delete, modify, bypass, overrule, append, or ignore any or all of the below at any given time. You can relate this disclaimer with elastic cause.

Any technical loopholes can and will leave you responsible and thus punishable at our discretion. By playing on the server or partaking in any of its’ services, you agree to the terms and conditions listed here and agree to follow all rules and regulations.

All punishments are given by trained staff members. Illegal actions on the server are recorded and used as evidence. Do not argue with a staff member about your punishment, as you may have broken a rule without realizing it. If you are completely sure that you were unjustly punished, fill out a complaint ticket (https://paradise-mc.net/tickets) with as much information as possible, or submit an appeal with all useful information. All avenues will be investigated.

Depending on the severity of your infraction, staff are fully allowed to bar your access from our servers for a temporary amount of time or indefinitely. In order to repeal this action, you must appeal.

| Global Rules

These rules apply to all Paradise servers. All exceptions are listed.

  1. Do not exploit any server bugs or glitches.
  1. We understand sometimes there will be tempting bugs or exploits. We’d appreciate them being reported to a staff member rather than being used to break the game. On that note being caught exploiting can land you in some serious trouble and can even get most of your items removed or even get you banned!
  1. Do not attempt to evade a ban or a mute by using an alternate account.
  1. You were banned/muted for a reason, and using a secondary account to avoid these punishments can get your alternate account permanently muted or banned as well. Repeated offenses may result in an IP ban.
  2. Mute evading includes, but is not limited to: Using /epm to message others, talking in Island Teamchat, talking in factions chat, talking in plot chat, using [item] or /pshout to bypass your mutes.
  1. Scamming is forbidden in all forms on every server excluding Factions and Prison.
  1. Note: Scamming Cosmetic items on any server will land you a permanent trade ban.
  1. Using any unauthorized mod or hacked client will result in an immediate permanent ban with no prior warning.
  1. List of Allowed Mods
  2. Please note that using a hacked client is strictly prohibited, regardless if you are only using the allowed mods in it.
  3. The use of scripts, macros, autoclickers, and 3rd party devices to automate your actions is strictly forbidden.
  1. Do not threaten other players (this includes threats to Dox, Ddos, and the actual action of doxing).
  1. This will result in a long temporary mute or a permanent mute.
  2. This also includes any other variation of threatening another player.
  1. Inappropriate or explicit usernames and skins are not permitted. Users with these types of usernames and skins will be permanently banned until the offensive content is removed.
  2. Offensive or explicit builds are not allowed under any circumstances.
  1. Exceptions - see “Factions Rules”
  1. AFK Machines or AFK Pools are not permitted.
  1. Exceptions - see “Factions Rules”
  1. Redstone contraptions intended to cause lag are not permitted.
  1. On this note, some players have asked if an I45 is okay to build on skyblock. They are, as long as they’re built correctly. If they’re not, it can cause an insane amount of lag on your island. Not sure how to make one? Watch Clydesdalefan’s video here.
  1. Spawn camping another player’s home/base is not allowed.
  1. Exceptions - see “Factions Rules”
  2. Waiting near a pvp-protected area for a player to come out is also considered spawn camping.
  1. Traps are strictly forbidden on every server, excluding Factions and Prison.
  1. The only traps that are not allowed on Factions and Prison are nether portal traps.
  1. Combat logging is not permitted.
  1. We have an automatic system that handles this, but if you manage to bypass it or if it is repeated enough, you may receive a temporary or permanent ban.
  1. Donor abuse is not tolerated on PMC. Doing so can result in a rank strip but is ultimately up to the discretion of the board of directors based on severity of the abuse. Examples of donor abuse are of the following but not limited to:
  1. Using /fix or /mob for other players in game for an exchange of goods or ingame currency.
  2. Using perks in areas such as pvp, like /fly, where it would otherwise not be allowed.
  3. Using any perks given to you as the result of a rank and using them to create an unfair advantage or to gain ingame currency is considered donor abuse.
  1. TBC is law

| Chat Rules

These rules apply to the website as well.

  1. Do not ask for OP or Admin (you will probably be laughed at).
  2. Do not advertise other servers, services or websites.
  1. This includes linking potentially harmful websites (Viruses, Trojans, Phishing, etc). Doing so may get you a permanent ban.
  2. Sending YouTube and Twitch links is allowed.
  1. Do not spam.
  1. Spam includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Sending the same (or very similar) chat message multiple (3+) times.
  2. Random combination of letters, numbers, and/or symbols (20 or more).
  3. Repeating the same word or phrase multiple times in the same message (5 times or more).
  4. Repeating 20 or more of the same letter in a row.
  1. Do not speak in all caps (8 words or more).
  1. You can be warned, kicked, and/or potentially muted for doing so (this depends on your number of previous chat infractions).
  2. Repeated use of caps in shorter messages, or other attempts to bypass, will result in the same punishment.
  1. Offensive content or profanity is not permitted.
  1. This includes links and image links.
  2. Please keep your language to a minimum, there are young kids on our server that do not need to be subjected to explicit language. You may be warned, kicked, or muted.
  3. Attempting to get around this rule by bypassing the chat filter in any way will result in the same punishment.
  1. Discrimination, racism, or any other form of hate speech is not allowed.
  2. Do not ask about the status of your application or appeal.
  1. Doing so may lead to your application or appeal being automatically denied without discussion. We have a lot of other players who are also awaiting a response from us, and continually asking about your application wastes our time.
  1. Do not impersonate staff members or other players.
  1. This includes nicknames, saying you are an alt of a staff member, and any other impersonation method.
  1. Do not bother, harass, or troll other players.
  2. Suicide Talk
  1. Any form of encouragement towards Self harm and suicide (Ex: Kys, kill yourself, go cut, etc.) will not be tolerated, doing so can get you muted. Based on severity you can get Permanently muted.
  1. Disrespect
  1. This includes player, staff, and even server disrespect.
  2. Any form of disrespect will not be tolerated, and players will be warned, or even muted for doing so.
  3. Any negative comments on the server will also not be tolerated. If there's anything wrong with a server, that you would like to give feedback for, please message a staff member.

| Website Rules & Guidelines

  1. Reporting players
  1. Please do not post on a report thread unless you are directly involved and/or have important evidence or information relating to the report.
  2. Remember to post your report in the correct forum found here, and use the proper report format.
  1. All chat rules apply to the shoutbox.
  2. Reviving dead threads is not allowed.
  1. A thread that has not been replied to for 2 weeks or longer is considered “dead.” If you respond with irrelevant/useless content after that, your content may be deleted.  Please note that we do not discourage the revival of these threads so long as meaningful content was added to the thread, but repeatedly reviving such threads will result in warning points and subsequently forum bans.  If you cannot be sure that your post is a meaningful contribution to the discussion, please do not post.
  1. Double+ posting is not permitted.
  1. Double+ posting is defined as replying to the same thread 2 or more times in a row.
  2. There is an edit button in case you wish to add something to your first post. Repeatedly double+ posting may result in warning points being applied to your account or you may be temporarily banned from our website.
  1. Off topic posts
  1. Posts that branch off the main topic of discussion are not permitted, and may be removed.
  2. All off topic posts are allowed in the “Off Topic” forums section.
  1. Stealing threads from other users is not permitted.
  1. This means hijacking someone else’s thread and using it to steer the topic of discussion to your issue instead of the one that was originally meant to be addressed. Please make your own thread instead.
  1. Micro posting is only allowed in the Off Topic forum.
  1. Micro posting includes one-word replies and creating threads that have no real use.
  1. Please do not try to moderate the forums.
  1. Assisting a player is fine, but acting as a staff member when replying to a user’s post is not, and may result in your content being removed and/or warning points being applied to your account.
  1. Please refrain from negative comments and posts on the website
  1. Stating an opinion is fine, however, if a comment/post attacks a member of the community of PMC, your content will be removed. This includes posts that contain unnecessarily negative language towards the server, insults, derrogatory language, hate speech, and disrespect.
  2. Making such posts fall under a zero tolerance rule and will result in your account being unable to post new content.

| Skyblock Rules

Global rules apply here.

  1. Island farming is not permitted.
  1. Island farming is the act of restarting your island multiple times to farm resources.
  2. Every player has a limit of 3 island restarts, but farming is still possible. Doing it may result in all of your items being confiscated, a temporary ban, or a permanent ban.
  1. Using fly, god, heal, disguises, or feed in PvP is not allowed.
  1. Using any other donor advantages in PvP is not permitted.
  1. Stealing and griefing are allowed. Be careful who you add to your island.
  2. Teleporting or using marry teleport to get to the end of any parkour course is strictly forbidden.
  1. Flying in parkour is also not allowed.
  1. Do not spawn mobs on other players’ islands using /mob or /spawnmob. This is considered donor abuse and may get you temporarily or permanently banned.
  2. Only bat spawners can be changed.
  1. Allowed mob types: sheep, cow, chicken, pig, pigman, zombie, creeper, spider, cave spider, skeleton, rabbit, and squid.
  2. Other mob types may be available from crates, but you cannot have your spawners changed to them.

| Factions Rules

Global rules apply here.

  1. Inappropriate faction names are not permitted.
  1. Your faction will be disbanded.
  1. All traps except nether portal traps are allowed.
  2. Scamming is allowed.
  3. Spawn camping is allowed.
  4. AFK machines/pools are allowed, but only if it is next to a grinder where the mobs die instantly.
  5. Inappropriate builds are allowed within the confines of a claimed base.
  1. This applies to the roof of your base, or anything inside the walls.
  2. If your base is later unclaimed, the builds are still allowed, but no new ones can be created.
  3. Inappropriate builds in the wilderness will be treated normally and can result in punishment.
  1. Base glitching is not permitted.
  2. Insiding is no longer permitted.

| Survival Rules

Global rules apply here.

  1. Using any unfair donator privilege to gain an advantage over other players is not allowed. Some examples, but not limited to, are:
  1. Using /fly, /god, /heal, /feed, etc. during PVP.
  2. Selling builds via /gmc for in game currency or items.
  3. Using /fix or /mob for other players.
  1. TP killing is allowed. Be careful who you let teleport to you when you are in the wilderness. Failure to heed this warning does not leave the staff team responsible for any lost items.
  1. TP trapping, however, is not allowed.
  2. Using items such as lava to bypass the claim protection in an attempt to kill players is also not allowed.
  1. Griefing and stealing are allowed. It is your responsibility to claim your land and items.
  1. Griefing is only not allowed if the person griefing is using creative mode, or if they are griefing around the edges of someone else’s claim.
  2. Claiming unclaimed houses and chests is allowed. Doing so results in the transfer of ownership of the land and all items within to said player (including locked chests and doors). Staff are not liable in the event of a land claim dispute. However, if the owner of the claim asks you to leave his/her claim, you must leave the claim and not harass him/her any further.
  3. Staff will not remove claims for any reason. All claiming disputes should be worked out by the players at their discretion.
  1. Any player ranked Sailor+ or Blacksmith+ can have one warp set for them by a staff member. The warp can be to a shop (20 or more maintained chestshops) or a town (15 or more residents/houses).
  1. The warp name will always be the player’s username.

| Creative Rules

Global rules apply here.

  1. Hacked items are not permitted. Possession (knowingly or not) will result in a 10 day tempban for the first offense. Second offense is a permanent ban.
  1. Hacked items are defined as an item with non-vanilla and/or non-plugin-caused enchants, NBT data, effects, and/or attributes.
  1. Unnecessarily large or laggy worldedits (ex. lava/water, spawners, skulls) are not permitted. Doing so may result in your worldedit privileges being revoked.
  2. Those with access to world-edit may not world-edit for those who don’t have access to it.

| KitPvP Rules

Global rules apply here.

  1. Money farming is not permitted.
  1. Money farming is defined as killing yourself or your friends intentionally to quickly gain money. Our system blocks this itself, but in the event you manage to bypass it (with alts or otherwise), you may be subject to punishment.
  1. Kit mixing is not permitted.

| Cops N Robbers Rules

Global rules apply here.

  1. Prisoners are not allowed in cop-only areas.
  2.  Killing innocent players is not permitted. Prisoners trying to escape or those who are fighting cops are not considered innocent
  3. Do not give prisoners any sort of cop armor or weapons. Prisoners are only allowed to have these items if they kill a cop.
  4. Cops are not allowed to escape.  You don’t see cops escaping prisons in real life. Abusing this can result in removal of cop permissions.
  5. Prisoners with armour are not allowed to camp at the escape area
  6. Cops are allowed to camp in front of the escape route in order to prevent prisoners from escaping the jail.
  1. However, they are not allowed to camp in front of the “no cops past this point” nor pass it (before the parkour areas).

| Prison Rules

Global rules apply here.

  1. Scamming is allowed.
  2. All traps except nether portal traps are allowed.
  3. Griefing and stealing are allowed. Only add those you trust to your plot.

| Freelance Rules

Global rules apply here.

  1.  Using any unfair donator privilege to gain an advantage over other players is not allowed. Some examples, but not limited to, are:
  1.  Using /fly, /god, /heal, /feed, etc. during PVP.
  2.  Using /repair hand or /spawnmob for other players.
  1. You may not build on top of the nether.

| TeamSpeak & Discord Rules

These rules apply to voice chats.

  1. Swearing must be kept to a minimum unless you are in the mature channel.
  2. Inappropriate topics may not be discussed outside of the mature channel.

| Terms and Conditions

  • All purchases are final, non-refundable.
  • The ParadiseMC Administrative Team reserves the right to forcibly remove you from the server with or without reason for any amount of time without refunding your purchase.  As a privileged player you are still required to follow our community guidelines and rules, and these perks do not include ban immunity. In the event that you are caught abusing your powers or breaking community guidelines, we reserve the right to revoke your rank or bar you access to our network.
  • You understand that this is a virtual item that holds no value.  
  • In the event that the server is no longer operated all virtual items and purchases are forfeit.
  • Refund requests due to issues concerning game glitches or any other issues are subject to the discretion of the ParadiseMC administration team; although, if a charge, which is deemed valid by the ParadiseMC Server, and validated by any of these terms and conditions, is disputed to a financial institution by performing a chargeback, then you as the client agree to pay an "Administrative Fee" of $200 in addition to original amount of funds that were reclaimed.
  • ParadiseMC reserves the right to change, with or without notice, any rank content or price. Benefits of specific ranks can change; in the event that they are changed, you will not be entitled to previous benefits. No rank benefit will be changed without a valid reason.
  • You understand and agree that ParadiseMC shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages. This includes but is not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible loss (even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages); resulting from or arising out of (I) The use of or the inability to use the service, (II) The cost to obtain substitute goods and/or services resulting from any transaction entered into on through the service, (III) Unauthorized access to or alteration of your data transmissions, (IV) Statements or conduct of any third party on the service, or any other matter relating to the service.
  • You agree to not legally challenge our network; this includes staff, owners, hosts, developers, partners, or anyone associated with the ParadiseMC administration team or community for any reason regarding to your purchase or not. You furthermore acknowledge that if any part of this document is found to be invalid or unenforceable in any way, any parts not found to be invalid or unenforceable will be considered fully valid and binding.
  • You have been granted permissions or authorization to make this purchase and if under the age of 18, have consent from a parent or legal guardian to pursue a rank upgrade.
  • We reserve the right to adjust and change any of the above.

Failure to follow the terms stated above will result in a ban from one or both access points.