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A Guide to ParadiseMC’s Cosmetics System

Table of Contents

  • Overview/What are cosmetics?
  • Cosmetics Menu
  • Credits
  • How to get them
  • What they’re used for
  • Coins
  • How/what for
  • Crates/Keys
  • How to get and use keys
  • My Items
  • Sorting items
  • Deleting items
  • Trading
  • /trade vs /exchange
  • Market
  • Search filters
  • Listing an item and filtering existing items
  • Titles
  • Title Paints
  • Nicknames
  • How to get & use nickname tickets and paints
  • Crafting
  • Item Upgrades
  • Particle Effects
  • Kill Effects
  • Death Effects
  • Projectile Trails
  • Gadgets
  • Costumes
  • Hats
  • Music
  • Mounts
  • Pets
  • Gifts
  • Seasonal Grab Bags
  • Chat Colors


 Overview - What are Cosmetics?

While playing on PMC, you’ve probably heard the term “cosmetics” mentioned at least a couple times, and perhaps now you’re wondering what they are.

Cosmetics, developed by Jonthespartan29, are a wide range of player customizations, designed to make your experience more fun, or at least more fun-looking. There are many different types of cosmetics, all of which are covered in this guide. There are Kill Effects, Projectile Trails, Titles, Music tracks, and more! Some effects, trails, and titles are rarer than others, and you can entertain yourself by trying to “collect them all” and by exploring the different possibilities when it comes to these effects.

 This system has been in the works for months, and it will adapt even further as time goes on. This guide will be updated with the changes.

Cosmetics Menu

The cosmetics menu can be accessed by typing /cosmetics.


All of the available submenus, including daily rewards, can be accessed here. This command works on any server. You can purchase keys, open crates, equip your cosmetics, customize nicknames and titles, and more in this menu.


Credits are the form of currency that the majority of cosmetics uses. You use them to buy keys, special effects for your titles, and even some titles themselves. One common question is “How do I get credits?” There are a few ways. You can get .2 credits every day by collecting your daily reward, which is located both in the cosmetics menu and at every server spawn except Factions. Click the emerald to access them from the cosmetics menu.


You can also purchase credit packages from the /buy menu on the hub.

If you already have a few cosmetic items and want to get some credits to open more crates, you can sell your items on the cosmetic market for a few credits. This will be covered in more detail in a later section.

If you have Crate #12s or Crate #21s, you can open those to get credits as well. You’ll get the credits in the form of a credit voucher, which you have to redeem either from the Rewards section of the cosmetics menu or from the Claim Rewards chest. After you redeem them, the credits will be available for use.

Another common question is “How can I see how many credits I have?” While there isn’t a direct way to do this, you can still see your balance. Click the Keys section (tripwire hook) and click the Supply Crate Key, as if you were going to buy it (you don’t have to). Hover over the nether star, and your credit balance will be displayed.

You can’t give credits to another player directly. If you really wanted them to have your credits, you could have them list a cosmetics item in the /market for credits, and then trade the item back to them after they bought it. The only way to transfer credits without a fee is by trading the credit vouchers you get from opening crates #12 or #21.


Coins are another currency, but they aren’t used for very much, and will eventually only be used for Skywars crate keys. Mostly, they are used to purchase low-tier titles from the /title menu. Your coins are displayed on the scoreboard in the lobbies.

To earn coins, you can either complete the parkour courses on our Parkour server, or participate in Skywars matches. Parkour gives a larger reward, but you can only claim the reward from each level once. In Skywars, you get coins for every kill, every kill assist, and every time you place 1st-3rd. You can also get coins for participation and saying ‘gg’ in the chat after every game! Both of these games increase your Arcade level (the number displayed next to your name in Skywars, Parkour, and the Lobbies).

Crates & Keys

Crates are probably the most noticeable aspect of the cosmetics system, mostly because of the announcement that displays in chat whenever anyone gets one.


You can see all of your available crates by typing /crates. You can also click the chest in the cosmetics menu. Hover over a specific crate to see what you can get from it.


You can filter the list to show only the crates you have by clicking the grey dye in the top left corner. To return to the cosmetics menu from any submenu, click the arrow.

To get crates, you don’t have to do anything at all. The chance of getting a crate is 1 in 720 per 10 seconds. Salvaged crates are slightly more common than the other two types, Supply and Select Reserve. Regular Supply Crates mostly contain more common cosmetic items. Obtaining an unusual item is possible as well, but less common. Select Reserve crates can contain other crates or highly rare cosmetic items. Salvaged crates contain exclusive cosmetics and other extremely rare items. Salvaged items will give your name a special color in the tablist when they are equipped.


In order to open crates, you will need to purchase the right kind of key. Regular supply crate keys cost 2 credits each, and Select Reserve cost 20.  You can’t purchase Salvaged keys - you can only get them by opening other crates, and they are extremely rare! You purchase all keys from the Keys section of the Cosmetics menu. After clicking on the key you’d like, you have the chance to review the cost and your credits balance before confirming the purchase. After buying your key, you can open the crate of your choice right away, or you can wait. Keys are stored in the “My Items” section.

To open a crate when you have already purchased a key, type /crates and click on the one you wish to open. A menu will appear, with items moving down the middle column. These are the items you could get, and you can hover over them to see what they are. After 5 seconds, an item will be chosen, and what you get will be announced in chat.


My Items


The “My Items” section is where all of your cosmetics items and keys are stored. You can browse through everything you’ve collected and view their properties here. You can also delete items if you don’t want them anymore, or filter them by type or quality. After awhile, you’ll have a lot of items! There is also an autosort button, which has a few other sorting options.

To delete an item, click the item you wish to delete and then click the barrier. Poof!

Item Sorting:

  • Filter by type/quality: Click on the filters you wish to apply, and then click the sunflower to filter the selection. Click the arrow to see the filtered items.
  • Sort by Type: Puts your items in sections based on what type they are.
  • Sort by Quality: Orders your items based on rarity, rarest items first.
  • Sort by Name: Puts your items in alphabetical order.
  • Sort by Level: Sorts by level, lowest levelled items first.
  • Sort by Most Owned: Puts your items in order by how many of each specific item you own, the items you own the most of are first.
  • Sort by Least Owned: Puts your items in order by how many of each specific item you own, the items you own the least of are first.
  • Sort by Keys/Crates first: Your keys and crates will appear first in the list of your items
  • Sort by Keys/Crates last: Your keys and crates will appear last in the list of your items.
  • Sort by Tradeable last: Items you own that are tradeable will appear last.


Trading cosmetics isn’t possible through the normal /trade menu. Instead, you have to use /exchange to exchange your cosmetics items with your friends. Putting normal items in the exchange menu will likely delete them and you’ll be sad.

If you do /exchange, a window will pop up that will allow you to send a trade request, accept one, or view another player’s items. You can also click the redstone repeater in the /cosmetics menu. A shortcut to send someone a trade request is just typing /exchange <name>. The other person can type the same thing to accept your request.

Viewing another player’s items can let you see all of the cosmetics another person has. This can help you determine if you want to trade with them, or if they have the items they say they do.

After you send a trade request and they accept it, a new window will pop up, allowing you to add items and confirm the trade.


You can add items by clicking the green glass pane. You’ll have to sort through them to find the ones you need, but sorting them while in the trade menu will cause the trade to end. Also, you can’t remove items once you’ve added them, so you’d have to cancel the trade and start again if you add an item accidentally.

After you and your trading partner have added the items you wish to trade, you both have to click Ready (the yellow glass pane). It will turn dark green once you have confirmed the trade. If you or your partner add another item, you will have to confirm it again.


After you both confirm, the trade window will close, and a message will display in chat telling you the trade has been completed. The items that were traded to you will now be available in your “My Items.”



The Cosmetics Market is a unique way to sell your unwanted cosmetics items for credits. 9298548ed9b34c5c90ebb4e06e37c913.png

You can access it by typing /market. A menu of items will pop up - these are all of the active listings. To purchase something, just click on it and confirm.

You have a few options when it comes to filtering the active listings.

  • Search: Search by any term. If you’re looking for Crate 12s, click this and type ‘12’ in the ‘search items’ bar.
  • Search by item lister: Search by playername. For example, to see all of Chris_mattax’s listings, you would click this and type ‘Chris_mattax’ in the anvil bar. Case matters here, so make sure you type the correct capitalization!
  • Filter by type: Filters the active listings by item type.
  • Filter by quality: Filters the active listings by quality. You can apply the subfilters of your choice, and then click the sunflower to apply them.
  • Show only your listings: Only shows items which you have listed on the market.

To list an item, click the emerald at the top right of the market menu. Then select the item you’d like to list. It will ask you to type the price. This price is in credits, and the lower the price, the more likely it is that someone will buy it. A 15% fee applies to all items listed on the market, but you will still receive the full amount of credits you list it for. The fee is applied in addition to the amount you input.

f282c81fdd7c43aeb2979a9c8eb57005.pngYour item will be listed for 180 days (a long time) but you can cancel it at any time by clicking on your listing.


Titles show before your username in chat on every server. They are customizable and are a great way to show off a little bit about yourself, or just mess around.

You can access the titles by typing
/title. You can also access it through the Equip section of the cosmetics menu. You can equip all of your different types of cosmetic items in this submenu.



There are a lot of titles! Most cost credits, but there are others that you can purchase with coins. You can get titles by opening crates #1, #6, and #11. For 100 credits, you can create a custom title.

All the titles you currently have (if any) will be shown by colored glass panes. The color depends on their rarity. All the others will be listed with a dark gray glass pane. Purple glass panes mean the title is Unusual (very rare). Orange glass panes are Unique titles. These ones track how many chat messages you’ve sent with it equipped, and can level up depending on the number. There is an announcement in chat when someone’s Unique title levels up. Normal titles are displayed with a yellow glass pane. It’s also possible to get Community titles, which are very rare since they’re only given out during events. To equip a title that you own, just click on it!

You can also customize your titles with color and format! With your title equipped, click the rainbow glass block at the top of the /title menu. If a color is currently applied, it will appear as if it is enchanted. All colors cost .2 credits, while formats cost .5 credits (strikethrough is not obtainable).


Instead of buying the formats that way, you can open crates for a chance of getting a Title Paint, which can be applied to whichever title you choose. There are some pretty fancy title paints out there that are pretty rare, such as Rainbow, Bold Rainbow, Zebra or Galaxy. You can create a custom title paint for 100 credits. Applying a paint to a title or nickname will be explained below, in “Crafting.”


Nicknames change your display name in chat and prefix it with a tilde (~). They are quite popular, and allow you to be shown to the community by your nickname or any other name you’d like.


To get nickname tickets, you either have to purchase them on our store, or get them from opening crates. Crates #15 and #17 are the two specifically dedicated to nicknames and nickname paints. Getting a nickname ticket is pretty rare, though.

Speaking of paints, nicknames are formatted the same way that titles are, except you need a nickname paint instead of a title paint. They are applied the same way as well. You can also enter the formatting menu from /nick and purchase your format there. Just like titles, colors cost .2 credits and formats cost .5.


All of your nickname tickets can be found in /nick. You can also access them from the Equip section of the cosmetics menu. To choose the name you want, click on an available ticket in this menu and type the name you would like to display. Please note that color codes and other formatting do not work. The only way to color your nickname is by using one of the two methods described above.

Nicknames can be traded and sold in the /market.



Crafting is one of the things that a lot of players get confused about. More specifically, they ask how to apply title, effect and nickname paints to their cosmetic items. You also use this window to add upgrades to items.

First, you’ll want to click the crafting table in the /cosmetics menu. A window will pop up with two colored glass panes. If you hover over them, it will tell you what they’re for.

Click the blue glass pane to select your input item, or the item you will be applying the paint to. Browse to the item in your cosmetics inventory and click it. It will appear where the blue glass pane was, and you will notice that a red glass pane has now appeared. This slot is for your paint, or whatever color or upgrade you will be applying to the item you have already selected. Click the red glass and then browse to the paint in your items. After clicking it, you have the chance to review your craft before completing it.


Make sure you have the correct item and paint selected! If you’re sure, click the green glass pane, and the craft will be completed. Now your paint or upgrade is applied to your item! After you use a paint or upgrade, you can’t get it back.

 Item Upgrades

Item upgrades are items which you craft with one of your cosmetics to make it Unique. There are currently four different types of upgrades - Unique Upgrade Kits, Unique Upgrades, Collector’s Upgrades and Collector’s Upgrade Kits.

Unique Upgrades are specific to a certain type of cosmetic item. The upgrade itself will tell you which type of item it is for. For example, this one will only work with Death Effects.


You apply these upgrades the same way you apply a title paint to a title - through crafting. Once you apply it, you will get a message saying the upgrade was completed, and your item will appear as an orange glass pane in its specific menu.



If you hover over it, you can see what type of information the Unique upgrade tracks. For titles, it will track the number of messages you send with it equipped, for costumes, it will track the distance you walked while wearing it, etc. Everything that is unique can level up, and there will be an announcement in chat when that happens. Items will level up when they reach specific milestones for the data that it tracks. There are currently 15 different levels.



Unique Upgrade Kits are slightly different. They don’t upgrade your item right away. You use these to craft Unique Upgrades, which are explained above.

Unique Upgrade Kits are also specific to a certain type of cosmetic item. To change the upgrade kit into the actual upgrade, you have to craft it with two of the same type of cosmetic item, such as two titles if it’s the upgrade kit for a title. The titles you craft it with will be used up and disappear, so be careful not to use the ones you really like!



The items you craft the upgrade kit with do not have to be the exact same, just the same type! You could craft a title kit with a King title and an MLG title and achieve the same effect as if you used two King titles. Now you can use your Unique upgrade with any title you’d like, and it will become Unique and track your chat messages.

Collector’s Upgrade Kits require you to craft 50 of the same type of cosmetic item with it to get a Collector’s Upgrade. If you have a lot of extra cosmetics that you’re never going to use, putting them into an upgrade kit will help keep your cosmetics inventory more organized and less cluttered. You can get Collector’s Upgrade Kits from crate #24.


There are also Collector’s Upgrade Kit Templates, which are very rare and allow you to choose which type of cosmetic item you’d like the upgrade kit to be for. To do this, you just craft it with the item type of your choosing. Keep in mind that any items you craft with the upgrade kit will disappear forever.

Once you craft 50 items with the upgrade kit, you’ll get an actual Collector’s Upgrade.


This upgrade can be crafted with whatever type of cosmetic it is specific for, in this case a key. Collector’s upgrades will show up in your items as an exp. bottle. After crafting the upgrade with the item of your choice, it will become a Collector’s item. Collector’s items don’t do anything special, but they show up in dark red. It’s possible to have Unique Collector’s items or Unusual Unique Collector’s items as well. You can even get a Salvaged Unique Collector’s item, but that would take a really long time. The special color will show in chat whenever it levels up (if it’s also a unique item) or in kill messages in Skywars matches.


 Particle Effects

Particle effects are rather rare items which appear around your player, sort of like potion effects do. There are some fancy ones which can only be found in Salvaged supply crates.


There aren’t that many particle effects, but the ones that do exist are pretty neat, and a lot of players spend time opening crates to try and get them. Clicking on the nether star in the cosmetics menu will list all of the particle effects that are available. The ones you own will be highlighted.


To remove your particle effect (or any cosmetic item) click the barrier at the top left corner of the menu where you equipped it.

 Kill Effects

Kill effects are effects that appear when you kill another player in PvP. Some of these have customizable colors. Kill effects can be found in crates #19 and #25.


In order to color them, you need to get Effect Paints, which function the same way as title and nickname paints and are applied in the crafting menu. You can typically get effect paints from crates #3, #4, #13, #19, #20, #25, and #26. Just like with any other type of cosmetic item, clicking on its category in the cosmetics menu will list all of the types of kill effects that are available. The ones you own will be highlighted.

 Death Effects

Death Effects only appear when you die, but other than that are basically the same as Kill Effects. Death effects can usually be found in crate #3 and #20.


Some death effects can be colored, just like kill effects. You need an effect paint to color them.

 Projectile Trails

Projectile trails are what follows your arrows when you shoot them. There are special ones which you can only get from Salvaged supply crates.


Just like kill effects and death effects, they are most noticeable in PvP. All of the ones you own will be highlighted, the color depending on the rarity. The most popular one is the fireworks projectile trail.


There are only two gadgets - fireworks and the paintball gun. The paintball gun temporarily changes all of the blocks in its radius to colored wool when you shoot it. The fireworks gadget, well, makes fireworks. Both can be purchased with credits. Fireworks costs 10 credits, and the paintball gun costs 28.


Gadgets can be accessed by clicking the bow in the Equip Cosmetics menu. Click them to equip, or click the barrier to unequip them.


Costumes show up on your character just like armor. It actually is armor, but doesn’t give you any defensive advantages. If you have any armor or hats equipped, you will not be able to put on your costume until you remove them.

You can access the costumes by typing /costume or by clicking the iron chestplate in the cosmetics menu. There aren’t that many costumes, but the most popular ones are the Item Shower costumes. They cause the specified item to shoot out of your head and rain down all around you.


Some costumes are colorable, and you would need to craft it with an effect paint to color it.


Hats are, naturally, something that you wear on your head. There are quite a lot of hats. You can access them by typing /hats - the ones you own will be highlighted. You can also access them by clicking the golden helmet in the cosmetics menu. You can’t wear a helmet and a hat at the same time. To remove your hat, you can either click on it in your inventory, or click the barrier in the hats menu. You can get hats from crate #8.



Music plays custom songs around your player, which both you and players near you can hear and enjoy. Two people standing near each other can’t have music equipped at the same time. The person whose music has been equipped for the shortest amount of time will be automatically removed. To access your songs, you can type /music or click the Jukebox in the cosmetics menu. There is a decent amount of songs, some which are more rare than others. You can get music from crates #10, #16, and #22.


Song modifiers can be crafted with your music to change its volume. Using one song modifier increases the volume by 50%.


Mounts are things which you ride around, like a horse or a pig. There are no mounts currently available.


There are no banners currently available.


A pet is an animal or mob that follows you around everywhere you go, similar to how a tamed wolf will in vanilla survival. You can access pets by either typing /pets or clicking the bone in the cosmetics menu. The chicken pet can be purchased for 25000 coins, but the rest of the pets are only purchasable with credits.

Your pet will be automatically removed if you are in an area where there can’t be mobs, such as the server spawn.


Pets have some customization options. To access them, click the changing mob drops at the top of the pets menu when you have your pet equipped. You can rename your pet for 5000 coins, and to format it you can click on the colored glass. Just like titles and nicknames, colors cost .2 credits and formats cost .5.

You can also control whether your pet is a baby or an adult by clicking the pufferfish.



Gifts are probably most confusing part of the cosmetics system. Gifts allow you to gift an item to a random person on the server, or send an item to a specific player directly. You can access gifts by typing /gifts or by clicking the present in the cosmetics menu. It will appear like there is nothing in the menu, unless you have an unopened gift from another player.


In order to send a gift to a random player, you must first have a gift cannon. Gift cannons do not let you choose which player to send the gift to. You can purchase one in the menu for .2 credits, or you can get one by opening crate #24. If you already have a gift cannon, click the regular TNT block and your gift cannons will be displayed.

To use a gift cannon, click on it. Then you will need to select the item that you would like to be gifted. You don’t have an option to confirm your gift - after you click on an item, the gift will be launched. Make sure you don’t send one of your valuable items by mistake! A random player will receive your gift at some point in the next few hours.


To send an item to a specific player, you first need to purchase wrapping paper by clicking the chest minecart in the gifts menu. Wrapping paper costs 2 credits each. After you purchase the wrapping paper, click the chest, and then select the wrapping paper. Next, select the item you wish to gift to another player.

To choose which player will receive the gift, type their username in the anvil bar which appears. Make sure it’s spelled correctly, with proper capitalization! Otherwise someone else may get the gift, or no one at all. After you type the name, click the name tag, and you’re done! The gift will show up in the receiving player’s /gifts inventory, and they can open it from there. There will be an announcement in chat when they open their gift.



 Seasonal Grab Bags

Seasonal grab bags  allow you to get themed items for certain times of the year, such as Halloween and Christmas! They are purchasable with credits.


The Halloween grab bags allow you to obtain limited-edition Halloween themed cosmetics. The items you get will be prefixed with “Haunted” indicating you got them during the spooky season. You can hover over the grab bags to see what type of items you might get.

If you have enough credits, you can click on whichever grab bag you’d like to open. You have a chance to confirm your purchase of it. A countdown will display on the screen, and then you’ll be given one of the items. The more expensive the grab bag is, the rarer the items are that you’ll get!


When equipped, Haunted items will change your tablist color orange once every Minecraft day at midnight. Spooky!


There is also a new item quality called Festive. When equipped, it will give you a tablist color that looks like a candy cane (either alternating red and white, or dark green and white) when the date is between December 23rd and December 26th.


 Chat Colors

Chat colors are the newest thing added to cosmetics. You can purchase chat colors with credits in the /chatcolor menu. They are no longer limited to players with a global rank! There are regular colors and bold variants of them. Regular colors cost 75 credits, and their bold variants cost 150.


Chat colors are shown as ender eyes in your cosmetics inventory, and can be traded or sold.

Chat color tickets can be traded in for chat colors. Captain comes with 10 free chat color tickets. You can redeem them by clicking the empty map at the top of the /chatcolor menu.

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