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by SaintNickGamez at 1:17 PM
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Hello islanders!

Yes, you read that right. We are releasing the per server ranks again. These ranks are designed to give cool benefits to players on the servers that they play on most. This includes the El' Pres rank on Survival with creative mode, SkyBoss on Skyblock with mega kits and keys, Emperor rank on factions, and lots of world edit blocks on creative with the Architect rank. Here are some links below to take you to each server page.

Survival: http://store.paradise-mc.net/category/700261
Skyblock: http://store.paradise-mc.net/category/700259
Factions: http://store.paradise-mc.net/category/700260
KitPvP: http://store.paradise-mc.net/category/700263
Creative: http://store.paradise-mc.net/category/700265
Cops and Robbers: http://store.paradise-mc.net/category/700268

Some other changes that happened today:

Factions: The end now has bedrock generated on the floor

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Hello islanders!

Another month, a new kit and crate! We are excited to unveil our brand new crate and kit for the month of May. You can find more in-depth details about the kit here. Crates can be purchased here under each server tab!

Additionally this month we will be giving a reward to the top customer in our webstore. Whoever spends the most money each month will receive a random buycraft coupon between 100-500 bucks! Imagine how many diamonds swords you could get with that!?

Thanks for your continued support!
by SaintNickGamez at 10:15 AM
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Hello islanders!

Our first month with the ad leaderboard in the /gtoken menu was a wild success! Here are your winners and prizes for the April period.
  • 1st Place: WarriorBen (200 G-Token Prize)
  • 2nd Place: KailNub (150 G-Token Prize)
  • 3rd Place: MiracleLP (100 G-Token Prize)
  • 4th Place: s_ohno (50 G-Token Prize)
  • 5th Place: Murphstein (25 G-Token Prize)
The ad leaderboard has been reset, and the most ad watchers will be rewarded once again after the month of May has concluded. A shoutout to our runner-ups as well: Txmvs, DeadPool9416, Diving_Cat, MaxPownzzz, and Appromode. Thanks for watching ads.

Lastly, we have heard from some players that they are experiencing issues when watching ads. The most common error is "No Ad Available Try Again Later". This happens when their are not enough ads available in your geo location, or some of our ad partners campaigns have expired. Just keep trying and you'll...
by Silvernub at 6:35 PM
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Hey everyone. I just want to take a few minutes of your time and apologize for the monstrosity of an event we called Prom v2.0.
I'll just come out and say what you all were thinking - it was terrible. I agree, it was. I had literally no time to prepare anything, which made me end up having to dump it on Jon the night before, who was already tired and thus missed a lot of stuff. The build team let me down as well by waiting until the last minute to get the map done. That's why it wasn't that great either.
Prom was a fantastic event last year, 80ish people stayed the entire time. I wanted the same level of success this year, but since it wasn't prepared in time, that wasn't possible. I don't like being the host of events that don't meet anyone's expectations. All of the harsh comments and complains yesterday were well deserved. I just wanted to take this time and apologize for letting you all down.
I would like to have a make-up event sometime soon, but I'm not sure how soon it'll be...
by SaintNickGamez at 7:56 PM
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Hello islanders!

Yes, it's that time again! We want to hear from you about things you would like changed, added, or removed from the ParadiseMC Network. Please click here to leave your suggestion. We will make a follow up post with which suggestions we took.

Thanks guys, I love you.....

by Silvernub at 12:29 PM
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Hello! Above is a timeline for Prom.
Reminder: The skin competition closes on Thursday, the 27th. If you haven't entered your skin yet, please do so here!
Also, if you haven't nominated anyone for Prom King/Queen yet, please do.

Thanks! Hope to see you all there.
by SaintNickGamez at 9:11 AM
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Hello islanders!

I have a rather sad announcement for you all today. We have decided to discontinue the Freelance server. The server is not performing well and we already have a classic survival and towny survival server. I know many of you may be frustrated with this situation, but it is in our best interests to remove it. That doesn't mean we could add it back in the future, though.

If you had a rank on this server and would like compensation, please create a ticket and we will work out a way to credit your account.

Thank you!
by SaintNickGamez at 1:34 PM
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Hello islanders!
Just a quick reminder that TNT will be enabled on Factions today at 4:00 Eastern Standard Time. This is a big deal, it's time to destroy all of your enemies with some dank TNT rapid fire cannon ish. Are you excited? Because I'm not.. when TNT is enabled the map gets trashed and then I have to work on a reset. But don't worry, no reset soon :).

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Hello islanders!

Just wanted to take a second to say Happiest of all Easters to you! I hope you are all spending time with family today, and of course playing with your friends on your favorite minecraft network. I'm thankful for all of you who have played, developed, created and brain stormed for Paradise over all of these years. I truly appreciate everyones support, from players, to staff, and our developer. Simply thank you for everything.

On a side note, we are currently holding a 75% sale in the store today. You can check that out here if you're interested. That's all for now, take it easy!

Your dankest of all memes,

by Silvernub at 6:57 PM
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Hello! Just wanted to inform you all of a couple of changes.

First of all, I rewrote the entire rules page to condense it, make it look nicer, and make things easier to find. I removed irrelevant, old rules that no longer apply to our network, and added the most current and updated ones.

Please review the updated rules and make yourself aware of the changes (which are few, but some extra things are clarified).

Notable changes:
Factions - Inappropriate builds are now allowed within the confines of your base. (See "Factions Rules" for more specifics)
Factions/Prison - nether portal traps are not allowed. All other traps are still allowed.
Website Rules - more specific mini-modding explanation
TeamSpeak/Discord voice channels - seriously condensed the rules, basically keep mature chat in the mature channels
Prison - added exceptions to the global rules (see "Prison Rules")
Skyblock - added list of allowed spawner types