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"Creating what you envision."

by CptAmerica at 10:04 PM
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Hello islanders!

You may have seen me around the network a lot more recently, I popped up from the blue. Not quite going to introduce myself in this thread as it's not what it's for.

But I will be here to ask for your players suggestions, feedback, and for any bugs/glitches you may have found. I am open to hear everything. So make sure you contact me via forums, discord, or in the server. (server isn't the best idea, I work a lot in the back-end and don't see my mc chat often)
Discord: CptAmerica#1096

Here is a quick rundown what the leadership team has accomplished on ParadiseMC.
Also a lot of fancy pictures/gifs, so sit back, get some food, and enjoy.​

| Changelog:
RevVs is no longer associated with us.

New Executive Administrator.

Factions Warzone PvP - Fixed.

Global Friends Plugin - Added.

Chat Formatting: (As you can see staff is quite different looking in chat than other users....
by Dankest_ at 11:31 PM
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Hello everyone!

Jon back here again to let you know about some updates as well as information on the scheduled Freelance maintenance.

This Freelance is gonna be rather.. Short due to not many issues being reported.

Times are as follows on 08/01/2017:
12:00 am PST - 1:00 am PST
2:00 am CST - 3:00 am CST
3:00 am EST - 4:00 am EST

- Migrate Pex to MySQL.
- Barriers around spawn.
- Possibly some market modifications.

I've also got some other news. Many of you have noticed that a player of ours currently has the Jr.Exec prefix or title what have you. I wanted to explain to you; the community on what this means. The Senior @katniss currently holds this rank.

When I retired the last time. Unfortunately I left without training anybody to take my position. We ended up getting a random executive and honestly it caused a lot of issues within the community.

Reasoning and benefits
So most of you are probably wondering what...
by Faiaz at 9:47 PM
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Hey everyone!
It's me, your favorite cookie friend with some news.

So first off, there will be a pretty big Build Competition that will take place this Wednesday. This is my first 'event' that I'm hosting so I don't really expect it to go very smoothly, but from what I've seen there doesn't seem to be any issues with it so far.

The building stage will take approximately 40 minutes. You'll have that much time to build, according to what the theme is. After the time is up, if we catch anyone building, you will be immediately disqualified. After the 40 minutes, the staff members will take the time to judge everyone's builds. This is a very long process so it might take a while to finish but if all goes well, this should take around 10-20 minutes. In order for the judging to go smoothly and efficiently, we expect everyone to remain patient.

First Place Winner - Free rank upgrade on the server of your choice + a custom made title.
Second Place Winner - 500...
by Dankest_ at 11:58 PM
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Hey hey hey!

Hey guys! it's your favorite local taco vendor back with some news. First things first we'd like to announce the return of FallenAngel24 and Peyyy. Both some community favorites. Sure they're still trial moderators but we all wish them the best of luck!

Anyways yes this thread is mainly for the announcement of the Skyblock maintenance occurring on Thursday 07/27/2017.

Times below. We expect this maintenance to last at most 2 hours!

12:00 am PST - 2:00 am PST
2:00 am CST - 4:00 am CST
3:00 am EST - 5:00 am EST

Expected changes:

- Migrate Pex to mySQL
- Fix an issue where cocoa beans break on their own mysteriously. (not fixed)
- Fix an issue where it doesn't inform you when you leave your island. (not fixed)

- Cross reference displayed block levels with levels configuration for accuracy.
- Addition of drop parties back to voting and possibly mega drop parties.
- Already completed change: Enabled uuid support...
by Dankest_ at 6:38 AM
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Woah, what the heck? Maintenance?

Hello everyone,

I'm sure many of you know me as that trash exec that left and came back. Enough flattery though. Yes there will be a maintenance for Survival on 07/23/2017.

Maintenance expected to last:
10:00 pm PST - 11:00 pm PST
12:00 am CST - 1:00 am CST
1:00 am EST - 2:00 am EST

Many of you may be wondering as to why this sudden change of announcing when servers will go down. Well it's because I feel many wonder why servers go down and I feel it's only fair to inform you, the community. About the changes coming to the specified server when it is restored.

Expected changes:

- McMMO back end change from flat file to MySQL to reduce strain on the server. This will include migration of ALL McMMO player data. Will be double checked for quality assurance.

- Fix an issue where it says 'expect lag momentary' to 'expect lag momentarily.'

- Re-attempt migration of pex to MySQL.

- Fix an issue with the end.

I appreciate your understanding...
by Jonthespartan29 at 4:27 AM
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Everything from the shop except unban passes was purchasable through G-TOKENS... until now. We now sell unban passes using G-TOKENS as well. Get your unban pass [here].

Remember, banned players can still earn G-TOKENS using the Windows client.
by SaintNickGamez at 2:45 AM
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Hello Islanders!

SaintCrapNick here, hoping you are all having a fantastic day! We finally have all of the servers up and running. I'd like to use this thread to report any issues on any of the servers. We will resolve all issues within 12 hours of the post. Additionally, you can start requesting new features for the weekly updates we're going to be doing for all of the servers thanks to @RevVs. These may not all be added, but will help us gauge what you all want from us as a community!

Additionally, we are still running our 89% off global rank sale. Once this ends, we will release our new "Overlord" rank which is a brand new global rank that will be deployed on all ParadiseMC Servers.

Thanks for your patience during this reset!
by Silvernub at 5:59 PM
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Hey everyone,

It is with a heavy heart that I decided to retire from Paradise. I enjoyed the work I did here during my 9.5 months of management and year and a half of being staff (this time). My favorite experiences were fixing a problem I've never seen before, watching players talk about something they really like that I added/made, and the constant learning experience that comes with such an important role. I appreciate all of you who have given me ideas or constructive criticism during my time here, and also those who just talked to me and tried to get to know me. All of you are awesome.

Dylan said that I had to mention him in my retirement post - Thanks for being the wall of common sense and the awesome developer of Arcade (and other stuff). I really think you're going to be a part of something amazing in the future.

Thanks to everyone for having me, and I hope to keep in touch both with you and the staff team. It was hard passing off something that I worked so hard on to...
by Faiaz at 4:35 PM
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Hello everyone!

Recently, we have been working hard to do a full global reset on the server. I'm sure all of you will miss your lovely plots, and therefore the creative server will not be reset, but there will be many new changes on the other servers that I'm sure you'll enjoy!
The servers included in this reset will be Survival, Skyblock, Factions, Prison, Kitpvp, and Cnr! The reset will also include Freelance, a couple of us have been working hard on that, and it also includes a bunch of new features. The factions season will also end on the date of the reset.

We have set a release date on the reset for Tuesday, July 4th: 10AM EST!

Sorry about this guys, but due to some unexpected things popping up, the release date has beeen moved to July 4th instead, at 10AM EST.
by Silvernub at 7:35 PM
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Hello everyone! I have a few announcements to make.

I would like to congratulate @JaydenHD and @katniss on their promotions to Admin. They have been working very hard to help the server, and I thought it was time their efforts were recognized.

I would also like to congratulate @Faiaz on his promotion to Manager. In a few days, I will be leaving, and he will be taking my place. I'll post a separate retirement post later.

Thank you for your support!