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Last Saturday the staff team and media team hosted the 'Player/Staff Meetup' and it was a big success. I would like to thank @MelissaLynne our media team leader for planning the event as well as helping out with the hosting of the event (go spam her with thank you messages she did an incredible job!). I would also like to thank @Katniss our previous manager for helping with the planning of it (spam her too). A big thank you to @SaintNickGamez our network owner for attending at the end after a very busy day.

For those who missed the event, you can watch it here.

The next 'Player/Staff Meetup' will take place Saturday 21st October at 5pm EST. This event will be taking player on the Official ParadiseMC Discord. We are going to do our best to host these events every 2-3 weeks as we want constant...
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Hello islanders!

Your favorite owner here! waits for s_ohno to comment - I am very excited today to update you on some stuff we've been working on behind the scenes. This coming Saturday at 12 PM EST, we will be releasing a full server reset. We've been working on these for a long time and have had extensive beta testing done on the servers. We are ready to impress you. We understand the last reset "waits for s_ohono to comment all resets" - have been poorly executed. I'm ready to show you guys these awesome new servers.. like really excited. In addition, we will be advertising in a very bullish manner once the reset hits with a YouTuber named Skeppey. Expect the community to grow and flourish. I truly thank you guys for the support... it really means the world to me.

Some of you guys might care/don't care for me, but if you do, I got the opportunity to flew out to Los Angeles this weekend to support FaZe Banks, RiceGum, and Alissa Violet in the drop of their new...
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Hello everyone!

Some big changes have occurred recently! Our manager Katniss has resigned from the ParadiseMC staff team. This was very sad news because Katniss' work has been very important and she has worked countless hours to make this network great. She committed so much of her time so please go and spam her with thank you messages.

On a happier note, Kevin one of our former administrators has officially been appointed the role of senior administrator. So please congratulate him on this new position!

I am the new manager at ParadiseMC. My role will be to carry on the work of the previous manager and to bring some new ideas and projects to the table which all of you can enjoy. If you see me in-game please feel free to message me :)

Tonight at 5pm EST we will be having the player staff meet up on our discord server (please see all the details on our previous announcement) I am looking forward to speaking to some of you later on today at this event!

Forgot to mention: Jon is...
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Hey there fellow paradise supports!

Media team would like to announce that they are going to be hosting a player staff meetup in the discord channel next weekend! It will be September 30th at 5pm EST. Do not miss this! You'll be able to ask questions about the server/staff/in general and we will answer to the best of our abilities. :)

Join here!
Join here!
Join here!

We'll be seeing you soon! :3
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Hello fellow PMC players <3

This is an announcement informing all of you that we have an addition to our network rules.

As many of you have witnessed, we have a growing amount of negativity swarming the threads of our website. The posts/comments range from attacks to fellow members and staff, hate speech, disrespect, and down right rude/insulting content. This has been a growing issue here for some time now and past staff have been unsure of how to implement something to help with this issue.

As of now, in our rules which you can find in the tabs, there is a new rule under the website rules & guidelines section, under number 9. This rule is as follows.

9. Please refrain from negative comments and posts on the website.
  1. Stating an opinion is fine, however, if a comment/post attacks a member/staff of the community of PMC, your content will be removed. This includes posts that negatively portray the server, insults,...
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Hey guys! First things first I'd like to congratulate @Wuil and @suilam for their superb skills in the UHC event last night at 8pm! They were rather smart and made themselves a fort in the middle of the map and let the players come to them. It was an intense game and very well done. I was happy to see all of you attend! There was a recorded session of the UHC last night, which you can view here. The staff as well as @DukeShepGaming_ and @Appromode attended our call after SNR to play UHC. We will be definitely be hosting more UHC events in the future! And I'll be tweaking a few things like the world border and the final heal. Any more suggestions can be added in the comments. :)

Our next event is scheduled for this labor day, September 4th. I'll be doing this at 12pm EST. I hope that gives the rest of you enough time to get on and play...
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Hey guys!

Great things coming to PMC! First of which is what you can see above, which is the lobby awaiting a grand UHC event coming to YOU this coming wednesday, August 23rd at 8pm EST. I know you guys have been awaiting this event all summer and its finally here, just in time for you all to go back to school. We will cook up a little prize for the winner of this event. I hope you can all attend!

PMC's discord is spruced up and ready for you all thanks to @LukeFrost. He's added some cool new levels for you guys to reach. You should definitely check these out!

Media team is booming with ideas lately and if you check out the paradise official instagram, you can get caught up on the latest happenings in game!

I have some events already in the works for paradise this fall. I promise you won't be disappointed. Looking forward to continuing to...
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england is my city!
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Hey guys!


Just wanted to let you guys know about a few minor changes on the server the past few days i've been slacking.

- Cops and robbers received a small visual update [ I forgot if I mentioned this yet or not ]
- Survival received a brand new custom GUI for warps.
- Survival's Jobs shop is now open! Unfortunately I may have forgotten to do the permissions but will soon!

I also wanted to personally apologize for those experiencing issues with trading cosmetics or gifting them. these issues HAVE been recorded and we're working on getting them fixed soon.

So I have also noticed an overwhelming amount of issues with Skyblock. Unfortunately I'm a dunce and I tend to forget these issues. So I decided to create a form anybody can use to submit any issues and suggestions you have for the Skyblock in general. The link is https://goo.gl/A1xK1y

"why not just make one for every server?"

Simply for organizational purposes. I...
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Hey guys! It's good to be back from that whole website being dumb thing. Anyways I wanted to mention a few changes that occurred while I was gone. I hope you enjoy them!

Installed Friends
Friends is a plugin that allows you to see what server your friends are playing on. There is no real purpose to this plugin but there are some cool features to it such as seeing when they were last online without the need of a staff member.

/friends - Access the Friends list Gui.
/friends help - Shows a list of all the commands.
/friends add [name] - Sends the target player a clickable friend request.
/friends remove [name] - Removes target player from your friends list.
/status [message] - sets a status message for yourself.
/friends msg [name] [message] - sends the target player a message on any server.

Above are just a few of the commands available!

We ended up rolling out some new features to Survival aside from all the visual updates you guys have been...