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by Silvernub at 5:59 PM
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Hey everyone,

It is with a heavy heart that I decided to retire from Paradise. I enjoyed the work I did here during my 9.5 months of management and year and a half of being staff (this time). My favorite experiences were fixing a problem I've never seen before, watching players talk about something they really like that I added/made, and the constant learning experience that comes with such an important role. I appreciate all of you who have given me ideas or constructive criticism during my time here, and also those who just talked to me and tried to get to know me. All of you are awesome.

Dylan said that I had to mention him in my retirement post - Thanks for being the wall of common sense and the awesome developer of Arcade (and other stuff). I really think you're going to be a part of something amazing in the future.

Thanks to everyone for having me, and I hope to keep in touch both with you and the staff team. It was hard passing off something that I worked so hard on to...
by Faiaz at 4:35 PM
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Hello everyone!

Recently, we have been working hard to do a full global reset on the server. I'm sure all of you will miss your lovely plots, and therefore the creative server will not be reset, but there will be many new changes on the other servers that I'm sure you'll enjoy!
The servers included in this reset will be Survival, Skyblock, Factions, Prison, Kitpvp, and Cnr! The reset will also include Freelance, a couple of us have been working hard on that, and it also includes a bunch of new features. The factions season will also end on the date of the reset.

We have set a release date on the reset for Tuesday, July 4th: 10AM EST!

Sorry about this guys, but due to some unexpected things popping up, the release date has beeen moved to July 4th instead, at 10AM EST.
by Silvernub at 7:35 PM
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Hello everyone! I have a few announcements to make.

I would like to congratulate @JaydenHD and @katniss on their promotions to Admin. They have been working very hard to help the server, and I thought it was time their efforts were recognized.

I would also like to congratulate @Faiaz on his promotion to Manager. In a few days, I will be leaving, and he will be taking my place. I'll post a separate retirement post later.

Thank you for your support!
by SaintNickGamez at 10:42 PM
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Hello islanders!

I’m very excited to officially launch my clothing brand “Paradise” . I created Paradise with a vision of inspiring others to find comfort in doing the things they love, without having to worry what other people may think. Being unique, positive, and sharing #MyParadise with the world to make it just a little bit better. Thanks to all who have supported the movement already. http://nicklauer.net/shop @ParadiseByNickLauer

Seya later!

oooo p.s. ---- muhahaha something cool is coming soon to a paradisemc server near you...............
by Silvernub at 6:34 PM
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As the first ParadiseMC Summer event is fast approaching, I would just like to update you on the progress. We will be having three different events for June 24, 2017. This event will be approximately 2 hours long. The events will start at Noon PST/3 EST/8 UK. Doors open 15 minutes prior to the events.

We will have two Youtubers streaming the entire event. @SaintNickGamez will be there along with @DukeShepGaming_ (as soon as he can figure out his laggy stream :D) Make sure to say hi to them!

Here are the events of the day as follows:
Times are in Eastern.

3:05 PM: Team DeathMatch
As we kick off the event, we will be starting with a tournament style Team Deathmatch. We have a maximum capacity of 160 people, so it will be first come first serve basis. Originally, the plan was to do a King of the Hill event, but the plugin has not be figured out in time for this event. Keep an open ear in case we decide to do a KoTH somewhere along the way! The Team...
by Silvernub at 8:52 AM
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Hello N3rds!

Tonight at 5pm EST/10pm GMT the staff team will be hosting a Player/Staff Meetup. I know it's very last minute and I apologize for that but we are just going to see how it goes! If you are unfamiliar with a Player/Staff Meetup it's pretty much where both players and staff come together on the ParadiseMC Discord (Teamspeak previously) and share their opinions and ideas to hopefully make the server a much more enjoyable and entertaining place. If you are wanting to go into detail there is a thread linked at the bottom of the post going into more detail!

ParadiseMC Discord: https://discord.gg/rDbZ2Um


Post written by Luxxee
by Silvernub at 11:18 PM
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So as the kick-off event is only 1 more week away, we are going to get you guys teamed up for the King of the Hill. Registration will begin now. Below, please make ONE post saying that you will be participating. You may choose 1 person to team with. Please post their name. If you do not sign up, you will be randomly assigned a team the day of. Please do not post here if you have registered already or are not participating.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the event!



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Hello Islanders!

It's the time of the year when the sun is shining 24 hours a day and the time when we stay home and play Minecraft all day. This year, we got a very exciting plans for you guys, right here in ParadiseMC! We got not 1, not 2, but 6 events coming to a server near you! There will be 3 huge events, one in each month of June, July, and August. In between those there will be smaller events organized by our Event and Staff Team. This year, we will have many fun events, including build battles, Minigames, and a huge UHC event! Here's a more in depth look at Summer in Paradise 2017!

June 24, 2017: 12PST/3EST/8GMT
Summer Kick-Off!

On this Saturday, we will be having a 2 hour long event! It will feature a King of the Hill 4v4v4v4, tournament style, a Sandcastle Contest, and Minigames.

July 7, 2017: 10PST/1EST/6GMT
Minigames Faceoff

We will be having a bunch of minigames and a lot more fun to continue the summer. We may have even Staff v.s. Players matchups!

by Jonthespartan29 at 10:00 PM
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You can now earn G-TOKENS while not online using our official apps!

Android: Click
iOS: Coming soon

For best results when attempting a "download and run app offer": try to play the game until you receive the tokens in game. I noticed that most apps will give it to you once you reach level 2 or 3.
by Silvernub at 2:48 PM
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Hey everyone! Today I made some changes to the staff application, and wrote two new guides intended to help you submit better quality applications.

Staff Application FAQ
Constructing Your Application

As always, you can access the staff application by clicking this link (make sure you're logged in!). Hope to see some great applications from you all soon!

Staff application changelog:
+ added double requirement confirmation
+ rearranged questions to make more sense
+ reworded "skill sets" question
+ reworded final question...