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by SaintNickGamez at 4:19 PM
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Hello islanders!

I am super excited to announce that myself and @Vyzon are going to be at Minecon 2016 in Anaheim California! If you see us at the event make sure to say hello. We will be wearing Paradise Network tshirts and be giving away wristbands, store vouchers, and tshirts to a lucky select few.

Email me at minersparadise@yahoo.com if you have any questions or want to meet up!
by Silvernub at 7:26 PM
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Hello islanders! I'm happy to announce that our TeamSpeak is now up and running. Feel free to join at any time. I hope you all have fun meeting each other!

IP: paradise-mc.net

Please note that swearing and other non-PG chat is not permitted unless you are in the Mature channel.

If you don't have TeamSpeak, you can download it here!

- Silvernub
by Silvernub at 8:25 PM
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Hey everyone! I think it's time we had some fun around here. It's been awhile since our last event.

You might have noticed @Jonthespartan29 testing out some new arcade things around the network. This is in preparation for a mega skywars event, which we are hosting on Saturday, September 10th at 12pm EST (9am PST). The matches will be on a couple big maps - a giant, 100 player map with teams of 4, and a 50 player map with teams of 2! You can choose your teams before the game begins if you want to be with your friends!

Please fill out this sign-up sheet if you will be attending! Only submit it if you're certain you will be able to attend.

We'll have our Teamspeak up by then as well, so you can come hang out with the staff during the event!

And yes, there...
by Silvernub at 9:02 AM
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Hello again! I have some exciting news. Today, brand-new custom enchantments were released on Skyblock! Don't worry, they all work. :)

You're probably wondering what the point of them is. I mean, it's Skyblock, right? They were added purely for fun. None of them are gamebreaking, and none of them give any major changes - just small changes to make your gameplay more enjoyable!

Below is the list of custom enchants, how they work, and how to get them. They come in 3 tiers - Unique, Epic, and Legendary.


You can access the enchanter menu by typing /enchantress, or clicking on the NPC at spawn. To purchase a book, you click on either the gold block, diamond block, or emerald block (depending on the tier you want). Right click the book and you will be granted a random enchantment in the form of an enchanted book. The enchantments you can get are listed below. Drag and...
by Silvernub at 2:00 PM
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Hey everyone! I think you'll all be pretty happy to know that as of today, there are a lot more mods you can use on ParadiseMC to improve your experience!

Anything not explicitly listed here is illegal and bannable.

Allowed Mods
  • Optifine
  • Shaders
  • ArmorHUD, StatusHUD & DirectionHUD
    - BetterPvP is not allowed.
  • Gamma/brightness mods (where the only feature is changing brightness)
  • 5zig
  • Labymod
  • Toggle sprint/sneak
  • Better Sprint
  • Capes mods (showing a cape on your character)
  • Better Animations Mod
  • Keystrokes...
by Vyzon at 2:17 PM
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Hello islanders!

Today we have finally released our brand new custom enchants! There are over 80 enchantments to choose from. To access these enchantments you must have experience. Use /enchanter anywhere on the server to have your chance at a custom enchantment!


Common Enchantments
[Explosive Death] - When fighting your enemy you do explosive damage
[Siren Shot] - Send an ear piercing sound at your enemy when attacking them

Uncommon Enchantments
[Collector] - Looting V
[Frozen Blade] - This gives a chance to freeze your enemy with slowness
[Explosive Death] - When fighting your enemy you do explosive damage

Rare Enchantments
[Frozen Blade] - This gives a chance to freeze your enemy with slowness
[Starving edge] - When fighting your enemies you have a chance to take their hunger
[Decapitator 1] - Gives you a higher chance of decapping someone
[Win or Lose] - When you die you have a chance to lose your inventory or it...​
by Scizornician at 4:39 PM
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ParadiseMC is now on Plug.dj!
Everyone knows that casual gaming is best with music and that is why we have created our own community on Plug.dj which can be found here! Plug.dj is basically a chat room with the ability to play music from Youtube in the background whilst you play on our network. You can create your own playlists and then wait in line to play your song to the community! The community can then either "Woot", "Grab" or "Meh" your song. If they like the song it will receive "Woots" and "Grabs" and if they do not you will receive "Mehs". Don't take receiving "Mehs" personally as not everyone has the same taste in music as you do.

Before you start using the website please remember that standard rules apply and you will...
by Silvernub at 6:09 PM
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Yep, you read that right. A potato is now managing the network.

In case you don't know who I am, I'm Rachel! I've been a part of Paradise for quite awhile now. I first became staff back in June of 2014, although I ended up retiring in January of 2015. But I clearly haven't had enough of PMC yet. ;)

Basically, my job is to manage the community by getting ideas and suggestions from you guys and making sure bugs and issues get passed along to those who can fix them. I'll also be managing any events that we may have. I manage the staff team as well (by the way, applications are open now). You'll be seeing me around quite a lot, whether it's on the website or in-game! I'll be keeping you all updated with changes around PMC and how they're going to affect you as a player.

If you have any questions, or if you just want to chat, feel free to send me a message! It'll be a pleasure getting to know more of you! :)

- Silvernub
by SaintNickGamez at 1:12 PM
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Hello islanders!

Today, Mojang has asked us to remove Rank Scrolls from our store. This means that you will no longer have to fight in an arena to obtain your rank. You can now buy the ranks that offer advantages straight up again! We had to make a small change to how they worked in order for them to be compliant which was to bind the ranks perks to the owners claim/island area. This means anyone on your land in which you have ownership of will have access to the same kits/perks/commands that you do.

Additionally, in Mojang's eyes, offering in-game advantages for voting is not compliant as the player is paying with their time in order to obtain the perks. We have changed our voting system to where you will receive a certain amount of credits to use in our glorious /cosmetics system.

Lastly, we have had a new roll of ads released. This means servers are going to be under heavy load this month. If you see anything abnormal, please let us know and we...
by Scizornician at 2:13 PM
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Welcome to our brand new website for ParadiseMC!

So as you may of noticed, the ParadiseMC website has changed and it looks amazing! The reason we have made the switch from Enjin's forum software to XenForo's is because XenForo offers far more customisation, control and better forum software. With XenForo we can manage what people post anywhere meaning that you can no longer get away with breaking rules on your wall. Cost is another factor that influenced the switch. Enjin is a monthly payment service whereas XenForo only requires you to purchase the software and then we can host it ourselves. The money saved means that we can direct it towards the development of our server so that we can bring better gameplay and experiences to our community!. This switch has been planned for a while now but we have just been waiting for our days on Enjin to run out.

Another addition to this is the change...