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Hello players of ParadiseMC

I'm sure most of you know who I am but if you don't my name is Jacob. I was a former staff member on the server and i'm back once again. I have taken over Daniels position as manager to hopefully help out Nick when it comes to bringing back the server. We have big plans in place to potentially revive everything. I don't want to release too much information yet but just know something is coming. This being said I want your suggestions!

If you are interested in giving your opinion and potentially helping the server please do so here.

If anyone has questions or concerns regarding the server, website, or discord feel free to message me. My discord is Jacob#0004
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Hello guys, this post has been something that I've thought about making for awhile now and I finally am confident that it is time for me to finally make it. I've second guessed this a lot and still probably will but here it goes. This will be lengthy so bear with me.

Before I continue with the main reason of this post I want go back to when I first started playing on PMC. I found this server and played mainly prison, as time passed I grew to love the server and decided that I should try to apply for staff. I was accepted and then made it to mod. I continued to enjoy playing and branched out onto other gamemodes. Eventually I was promoted to admin and that was an exciting day for me when that happened. A few months down the road I was offered the position of senior admin which I ended up refusing for some of the same reasons I am stepping down now. I felt that the management did not care about the server as much as the lower ranked staff members did and I felt I was wasting my time...
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Hey guys, hope all of y’all are doing well! Happy Easter depending on when I make this post. The long awaited comeback for Prison has finally come to fruition! Hopefully, we can retain some new players, and please do your best to be as welcoming as possible. Any issues that need to be fixed can be reported to staff members!

Just another reminder that players can apply for Media Team through the online application. Things are starting up, and if you feel like you can make a valuable contribution, apply!

In the last Player / Staff meetup we had, we discussed the possibility of future events; currently, we have an event planned this coming month on April 28th. We’re bring back the Prom event as it seems to be a growing tradition around PMC. There will be prizes for each respective contest winner, and the events will include a skin competition, a parkour maze race, and a build competition. If anyone would like to suggest an event, we’d be glad to look into adding it as well.

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Hey guys!

This post will be updating you guys on a few things we have planned for the server and some changes that have been made.

Staff Team Updates:
A lot of you guys already know this but I will announce it here anyways. I have been promoted to be the new Manager. I’ll do my absolute best to help the server with this position I have been given.

Incroyable (Kevin) has been promoted to Senior. I’d also like to welcome Kat and Fallen back onto the team!

Unfortunately, we’ve had a few retirements happen as well… Whiteie, Jorjie and Erin are no longer on the team; wish them well!

Website Updates:
Applications and appeals have all been replied to and the expected wait time for a reply is back down to a week! Tickets are also being regularly checked by me, so hopefully if you have any issues, they will be resolved quickly.

Media/Events Team:
Media Team?? Isn’t that dead? Well, we’re planning to bring...
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Go watch this banger, prisons coming soon! CLICK HERE
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Hey y'all,

Yesterday was ParadiseMC's six year of existence. That's like over half a decade now. I just wanted to remind you all how thankful I am for this opportunity you've given me. I've met a lot of amazing people through hosting a minecraft server, including some of my greatest friends. I can't imagine what life would've been life if I didn't open up a server. This server has truly changed my life. I've been able to do awesome things for people as well as make a decent living for myself to help enjoy my teenage years, all thanks to all of your support. Though I am in school now, I am seriously trying to keep this community alive. It warmed my heart hitting 70 players again today and just talking with everyone. It just means so much to me and I am forever grateful to all of you for making it happen.

Thanks again <3
by SaintNickGamez at 2:24 PM
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Hello islanders!

I am pleased to announce that KitPvP is back and better than ever! We brought back the old features of kitpvp everyone loved in the past...

Information/Changes: Brought back the old kits such as Bouncer, Pyro and Archer You will gain 10$ every time you kill a player put the players with most kills on the server at spawn! Got a new map with flat terrain

New features:
/1vs1 ~ A server based duel command
/baltop ~ Shows the players with the most money!
/bounty ~ A plugin that allows you to put money on someone's head!
/coinflip ~ A command that allows you to gamble money with another player!

Hope to see you all online tonight, and a special thanks to Jacob for getting this server ready for us!
by SaintNickGamez at 8:47 PM
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Hello islanders!

The long awaited release of the Overlord rank will be happening Friday at 5 PM EST. I'm super excited to tell you guys all the new features we've developed! The reason we have a release time, is because one of the big features it the Overlord will receive a rank ID in the order of times overlord is purchased. For example, if you are the first person to buy Overlord, in chat, you will be [Overlord #1]. The number goes up as the number of times someone purchases the rank. So, if you are the first person to buy at 5 PM EST, you will in theory have the best rank on the server, and no one else will out rank you (besides me, of course :p).
  • RANK IDS - Everyone that unlocks the new rank will have a #number that shows the order in which they bought the...
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Hello islanders!

This is an update post announcing that TNT is now enabled and for the most part fully functional on factions. We are going to implement a small patch to TNT that reverts one more mechanic to 1.7, then we gucci. Next I'd like to announce the new Overlord rank that has been in development. Near the end of the week, I am going to be announcing the features of this rank and making a post showing the time that the rank will be added to the store. This rank is going to be numbered by the amount of people who buy it. For example, if you are the first one to purchase the rank, you will get a cool [OVERLORD] (#1) by your tag! Who will be the first to get it?

Thank you all for your support and happy holidays. Stay tuned for the release date of Overlord (near the end of the week).

From McNickStick,
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ParadiseMC Factions Release

Hello islanders,

The time is here, we are ready to rumble…

Factions will be releasing 12/11/17 at 6:30PM EST.

  • General Information:
    • OverWorld size 5000x5000
    • End size size 2500x2500
    • Nether size size 2500x2500
    • TNT will be disabled a week from the release!

  • Features:
    • Auction House
      • Sell your items to other players.
    • Sell Wands
      • Sell mob drops just by clicking a chest with a sellwand!
    • Harvester Hoes
      • Harvest Sugarcane and it goes straight to your inventory!
    • ShockWave PickAxes
      • ShockWave Picks breaks blocks in a 5x5 radius to make trenching easier!
    • Flat end world
      • We heard, we listened.
    • Gen Buckets
      • On placement Gen Buckets makes a 1 block wall of cobble going down!
    • Reverse Scaffolding
      • On placement Reverse Scaffolding makes a 1 block wall of...